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5 Signs You Need a Family Law Expert

By maritza, In Family Law, On 27, April, 2018

A bitter or complicated divorce is likely the most stressful, emotional thing you’ll ever experience. A family law expert can…

5 Common Family Law Issues In Miami

By maritza, In Family Law, On 28, December, 2017

Family law is an umbrella term that includes many different practice areas. But what they all have in common is…

Family Law Topic: What You Should Know When You Marry a Sex Offender

By maritza, In Family Law, On 20, September, 2017

Love isn’t always something you can control. The same is true for the criminal justice system. The majority of crimes…

A Family Law Attorney in Miami Offers Tips on how to Create a Successful Parenting Plan

By maritza, In Family Law, On 30, August, 2017

If you file for divorce in Miami and have children, at some point you are going to have to create…

Understanding Senate Bill 590 and How Your Family Law Attorney in Miami Can Help

By maritza, In Family Law, On 10, August, 2017

In January of 2018 a new bill in the state of Florida related to parenting time plans and child support…

Understanding the Uniform Child Custody Act and How it Protects Your Court Orders

By maritza, In Child Law, Family Law, Paternity Action, On 27, June, 2017

You understand that when you receive a child custody order, it will be upheld regardless of where you may travel.…

Asking for Prenup in Florida? Important Factors to Keep in Mind

By maritza, In Family Law, On 08, June, 2017

If you are getting married and want to protect your property and assets, then you may need to use a…

Moving, Divorce, and Kids

By maritza, In Divorce Law, Family Law, News, On 26, April, 2017

Moving to a new home can be quite challenging for kids at any age and in any situation. It is…

Important Questions to Ask Your Family Attorney

By maritza, In Family Law, On 18, April, 2017

If it is time for you to retain legal representation for a family law issue, you need to take the…

How to deal with Former Spouse After a Divorce

By maritza, In Divorce Law, Family Law, On 02, December, 2016

The process of going through a divorce is emotionally difficult for anyone but the situation can easily become inflamed when…

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