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The Four Main Petitioners of Paternity Actions

By maritza, In Paternity Action, On 15, May, 2019

How you heard the phrase, “Who’s your daddy?” Paternity actions are not just for establishing parentage. Paternity actions are lawsuits…

Florida Paternity for Grandparents

By maritza, In Paternity Action, On 06, February, 2019

Generally, establishing paternity involves testing the DNA of the alleged father against the DNA of the child. If the alleged…

Declaring Paternity: Understanding Florida’s Putative Father Registry

By maritza, In Paternity Action, On 30, November, 2017

Not every union results in a match made in heaven.  Sometimes, however, unions do result in pregnancy.  If you believe…

Enforcing Visitation: The Importance of Establishing Paternity

By maritza, In Paternity Action, On 28, July, 2017

If you are a father and wish to gain custody or visitation of your child that was born out of…

Understanding the Uniform Child Custody Act and How it Protects Your Court Orders

By maritza, In Child Law, Family Law, Paternity Action, On 27, June, 2017

You understand that when you receive a child custody order, it will be upheld regardless of where you may travel.…

The Time Sharing Agreement—What Happens If My Children Go into Foster Care?

By maritza, In Paternity Action, On 18, November, 2015

Once a parenting plan of your children is established, that parenting plan remains in effect until the court orders otherwise…

10 Important Parenting Plan Details You Should Remember

By maritza, In Paternity Action, On 15, October, 2015

When parents with children decide to get a divorce, a plan surrounding their children is required by Florida state law.…

Where to Find Help with Your Parenting Plan

By maritza, In Paternity Action, On 08, October, 2015

The state of Florida pushes for parents who are planning on getting a divorce to establish a parenting plan. But…

What is a Paternity Test and How Does It Work?

By maritza, In Paternity Action, On 27, July, 2015

Technology has come a long way the past few years—and so has the accuracy of paternity tests. These days, a…

How to Establish Paternity if You are Unmarried

By maritza, In Paternity Action, On 25, February, 2015

When a child is born in a marriage, it is presumed that the husband is the paternal father of the…

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