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Is Your Spouse Hiding Money During Your Divorce?

Is Your Spouse Hiding Money During Your DivorceAn Illinois accountant attempted to hide more than a half million dollars from his wife prior to their divorce. How did he do it? He made large estimated tax payments with the IRS every year leading up to his divorce and then didn’t file his tax returns. When his wife became suspicious, her and her lawyer uncovered that he was essentially “parking his money” with the IRS in the hopes that he would file his back taxes afterwards and retrieve the extra cash. While this creative divorce scheme may seem complicated, it is one of many ways divorcing spouses try to stash away assets and income during a contentious divorce.

Divorces are often complex and difficult for all parties involved. During this time, spouses may be tempted to hide assets or money prior to the divorce. While this isn’t honest, it happens all the time. Spouses hide money in offshore accounts, deferred compensation plans, 401(k) plans, funnel money into a company, and even stash money with family members. So what do you do if you believe that your spouse is hiding money from you during your divorce?

Red Flags to Watch Out For

There are typically signs of deception when your spouse is hiding money from you before or during your divorce. Some of those red flags include:

  • Improperly filed tax returns
  • Overpaying tax returns
  • Spouse keeps you from viewing previously filed tax returns
  • Schedule B and D showing hidden interest from a hidden account
  • Large amounts of retirement contributions
  • Spending habits suddenly change
  • Transferring money across different accounts
  • Loans obtained in last year
  • Cash stashed in homes
  • Large monetary gifts given to family members
  • Sudden or frequent overseas travel
  • Depositing paychecks into separate accounts

It can be difficult to uncover hidden assets and money. However, with the help of an experienced Coral Gables divorce attorney, you may be able to uncover all of your ex’s finances, even the ones they’ve worked hard to hide.

It is important for you to be open and honest with your lawyer about all of your financial issues both during your marriage and after you decided to separate. Make financial copies of all documents that your lawyer may need and request actual statements from the IRS rather than trusting your spouse to hand over real ones.

Spouses with cash businesses may need to be monitored even closer to observe for hidden income. In some extreme cases, a private detective may be beneficial to have on your team.

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