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5 Things to Know About Florida Child Support

5 Things to Know About Florida Child SupportDivorce can be a difficult and emotional time for families. Throughout the process, divorcing spouses may be concerned with separating assets, dividing parenting time, and determining how much support will be paid. Unlike spousal support, however, child support is determined and calculated using a very strict and specific mathematical formula. This formula is based on the number of children in the family, the parents’ income, and the parenting plan schedule.

So, what do you need to know about child support in Florida?

  1. Child Support is Based Off of Net Income. Child support calculations use the net income of both parents. This means that any deductions for healthcare expenses, retirement accounts and taxes will help to reduce the gross pay of both parents to arrive at each parent’s net income. Calculations are based off of this income only.
  2. Time Share is Important Factor. In addition to income, the amount of time you spend parenting your children will be a deciding factor in the final child support amount. How many overnights will you spend with your children each year? The more overnights and time a parent spends with their children, the less they will pay in child support.
  3. Child Support Doesn’t Cover Full Cost of Kids. Child support isn’t enough to cover all the financial needs of your children. Even when incomes are taken into account, parents will still need to set aside money to care for their children outside of the amount they receive in child support.
  4. Child Support Isn’t Forever. Child support payments can continue well past when a child turns 18, if a child has a disability or if they’re still in high school. However, most child support payments will stop once a child reaches the age of 18.
  5. Mothers or Fathers Could Be Ordered to Pay Child Support. In the past, fathers were the ones who paid the majority of the child support payments. Now, however, mothers may also be responsible for paying child support, depending on their income and the amount of time they spend parenting their children.

The most important thing to remember is that child support exists to support the needs of the child after a marriage ends. It is intended to cover some of the costs of raising a child, such as providing food, clothing, shelter, and utilities. As much as possible, child support is intended to help parents provide the same standard of living for their children as they did when they were married. This duty to pay child support exists regardless if the parent rarely or never spends time with the child. Even if the parent spends the majority of their time with their child, they may still be ordered to pay child support.

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