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Miami Family Attorney Discusses: How to Handle Time-Sharing to Keep the Peace

By maritza, In Family Law, On 16, November, 2016

In Florida, what is typically referred to in child custody in other states is actually referred to as time-sharing. This…

Studies Show Modern Couples Desiring Egalitarian Relationships and Marriage

By maritza, In Family Law, On 14, July, 2016

The news recently broke that actress Gabrielle Union requested a prenuptial agreement before she got married to NBA Player, Dwayne…

Tips for Making Your Blended Family Work

By maritza, In Family Law, On 23, June, 2016

When it comes to the American family, one sociologist says “different is the new normal.” For the first time in…

Do Florida Courts Prefer Giving Primary Custody to the Mother?

By maritza, In Family Law, On 07, June, 2016

If you’re a father considering divorce, you may be worried about being treated fairly when it comes to custody. This…

Can I Get Sole Custody of My Child After Divorce?

By maritza, In Family Law, On 08, April, 2016

Are you waist-deep in divorce and looking for sole custody? When the custody of your kids is on the line,…

The Top 3 Controversies in Family Law Reform

By maritza, In Family Law, On 24, March, 2016

As a Coral Gables family law attorney who has served the community for many years, we’ve seen our fair share…

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Go Through Your Divorce without a Family Law Attorney

By maritza, In Family Law, On 12, February, 2016

Given that there is so much stress and anxiety associated with getting divorced, it's common to think about just getting…

What Are the Different Types of Custody in Florida?

By maritza, In Family Law, On 04, February, 2016

Unfortunately, we now live in a society where children are raised by a single parent, divorced or separated parents, or…

A Simple Guide to Time-Sharing During the Holidays

By maritza, In Family Law, On 25, November, 2015

As much as we all love the holiday season, we also know it is a busy and hectic season. The…

Getting Child Support from a Low-Income Parent

By maritza, In Family Law, On 10, November, 2015

Fathers with a low income should be included in the family equation as someone that the child relies on for…

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