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New Law Means Alimony is No Longer Tax Deductible

By maritza, In Alimony, On 17, January, 2019

When Congress enacted their Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last year, they also changed the way divorced couples were able…

Introduction to Alimony

By maritza, In Alimony, On 05, December, 2017

Alimony is one of the most commonly misunderstood concepts in Florida divorce law.  Other common terms for alimony include spousal…

What Is the Punishment For Not Paying Alimony?

By maritza, In Alimony, On 19, October, 2017

Family court judges determine alimony based on a number of factors, and in some instances the person who has to…

Paying Up: Different Types of Alimony

By maritza, In Alimony, On 11, October, 2017

Most people not involved in a divorce think that alimony refers to only one type of payment for spousal support,…

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