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child support lawyer miamiChild support payments are based on strict calculations in the State of Florida, also referred to as Child Support Guidelines. The amount you are entitled to — or required to pay – may be difficult to determine.

It is best if you have an experienced Family Lawyer Coral Gables by your side when petitioning the court for child assist to ensure that all factors are taken into consideration and you receive — or pay — fair amounts.

Child Support in Florida

child assist amounts are based on a guideline set forth by Florida Statute Section 61.30. It takes into consideration the net income of both parents, number of children and time sharing schedule. These variables can be used to establish initial support amounts, but also may be used when child assist modifications are requested.

The court looks at three critical components when deciding how much children help is necessary:

  1. The income and earning potential of each parent.
  2. Child care costs and any health-related costs the parents may face.
  3. The needs of the child, based on their age as well as the parents’ income.

children assist amounts could be increased or lowered depending on how many overnights a child has with his or her parents during a calendar year.

Support is awarded usually in direct payments — payments made to the receiving parent. However, the courts may award child assist in indirect payments, such as mortgage payments, payment for medical expenses, or insurance.

Typically all supports payments end once the child reaches 18 years of age (or upon graduation from high school if the child is still high school upon reaching his/her 18th birthday with a reasonable expectation of graduating before the age of 19), gets married, joins the military, becomes emancipated or dies.

What Happens When a Parent Refuses to Pay Child Support?

When a parent refuses to pay child support, but still has time sharing with their child, that parent cannot be refused their court ordered time.

Instead, the parent that has not received their  payments will need to file the appropriate motion in court in order to enforce the other party’s child support obligations. This often results in wage garnishments, income tax refund, etc… of the non-paying parent.

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Child support issues can arise during a divorce proceeding, a paternity action or in post-judgment cases. If you are looking to establish a child support obligation, enforce an existing child support obligation, or modify an existing child support order, you need the expertise of a Family Lawyer Coral Gables.

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