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Understanding the Uniform Child Custody Act and How it Protects Your Court Orders

You understand that when you receive a child custody order, it will be upheld regardless of where you may travel.

Child Custody Act If your ex-spouse leaves the state with your child, you may want to have peace of mind that no other court will be able to reverse the decision the judge in your state has made. This is where the Uniform Child Custody Act comes into play.

What is the Uniform Child Custody Act?

The Uniform Child Custody Act (UCCA) works to eliminate and to reduce the risk of conflicts between states in regard to child custody orders and arrangements. Thanks to the information outlined by the UCCA, it is easier to ensure custody orders from other states are enforced. What this means is if one parent lives in Michigan and the other one lives in Florida, the custody order will be upheld.

Each state in the country has not only recognized, but adopted this law and it has been in place since 1981. Before the law was in place it was normal for the non-custodial parents to take their children into other states with the hope they would find a sympathetic judge who would change the child custody order from another state. Today, this is no longer possible because courts have to uphold and abide by the decisions and orders outlined in other states. While it is possible to have an appeal or second trial in a different court, the first order has to be uphelp until that happens.

Additional Information about UCCA

Keep in mind, the UCCA doesn’t put a priority on the child’s home state; however, it does make the requirement that any order or ruling that is already in place has to be upheld by any other state until the original state no longer has jurisdiction. Because it is a normal occurrence for parents to move to a different state, there may be times when the original court order no longer has jurisdiction over the particular case. When this happens, any custody dispute needs to be taken to the current state’s court to determine what needs to be done.

Hiring an Attorney for Help

If you are facing any type of child custody issue or dispute, then hiring a family law attorney is your best bet. The laws related to any issue with child custody are often complex and can be difficult to understand. Hiring an attorney will help you know your rights and what you can do to ensure you get the desired outcome for your situation. You can’t take chances when it comes to custody of your child. Make sure you know the facts to make an educated decision regarding any child custody issues.

If you need help handling or understanding your rights in a child custody case, contact the family law attorneys at Estevez-Pazos Law Firm by calling 305-717-7130. While there are laws to protect your rights, you have to know what they are and an experienced attorney can help with that.

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