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Tips for Playing Fair While Negotiating Parental Responsibility

Parental responsibility negotiationsOften parental responsibility is when divorces get ugly. Communicating with a spouse that you are divorcing is difficult.

Furthermore, deciding how you will share time with your children, and who will pay support can be even more challenging. Regardless of the negative feelings you both are likely to house, parental responsibility is about the children.

So, if you want an easier discussion with your ex and a smooth court hearing, here are a few tips that will keep the proceeding as fair as possible, and ensure both parties walk away happy.

Discuss it First

If you can, sit down with your spouse and discuss parental responsibility before you involve the lawyers. Discuss what type of visitation you both would like to see, such as arranging the number of days each month or each week.

Also, discuss how you will handle the holidays, such as alternating each year, or each spouse picks the holidays that are exclusively theirs, etc. If you can, discuss where you both will be living and how you may be able to transport the child or children to the other party.

Listen to Your Ex and Your Children

Even though it will be hard, listen to what your ex has to say. Also, if the children are old enough, include them in on the discussion. Let them share their feelings and opinions. While it may be difficult, it is important to listen and understand where each party is coming from.

Avoid Emotional Attacks

Emotions and tension are high in a divorce. But, regardless of how you are feeling, keep the emotional attacks and outbursts at a minimum. They will not get you anywhere, especially if it happens in front of the judge.

What is important during parental responsibility negotiations is the welfare of your children; not how bitter you or your spouse may be. High emotions cannot only affect your judgment-making skills, but could prevent the judge from picking you as a suitable guardian.

Be Willing to Compromise

Walk into negotiations knowing you will not get everything you want. You need to compromise on schedule every now and then, and you have to do what works best for both parties.

Listen to Your Attorney

Your attorney will help you through the responsibility negotiations; therefore, listen to them and heed their advice. An attorney offers an objective view to the proceeding and they do not have an emotional attachment to you or your children.

Your attorney can also offer you insight into the law and help you and your ex pick an arrangement that works best for everyone. Parental responsibility negotiations are not easy, but they can be easier with the right attorney.

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