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How to Take the Sting Out of a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial AgreementNothing can take the romance out of getting married more than a prenuptial agreement. But, unlike ten years ago, prenuptial are becoming increasingly common, especially as men and women start taking on equal paying jobs.

Regardless of how common they are, the topic can still be difficult to bring up or difficult to negotiate. Not only do you have to hash out the financial details of the marriage (and discuss what happens if your happy union ends), but you both may see a side of each other that you never expected to see.

There are ways you can bring up the prenuptial agreement without causing a fight, or creating any pre-marriage issues.


If you and your spouse-to-be must complete religious counseling before marriage, then you could use that meeting as a place to bring up the agreement.

As long as your clergy is pro-prenuptial agreements. By bringing it up during a religious meeting, you may find the other spouse less likely to get as upset as if it were brought up in private.

Avoid Being on the Defensive

You have reasons for wanting a prenuptial agreement, but you do not have to defend those reasons, and defending them the wrong way could come off negatively.

For example, do not tell your fiance you want a prenuptial agreement because you “make more” or because you want to protect “your stuff.” Doing so discredits the other party’s investment in the relationship and can make negotiations a lot more difficult.

Do Not Get Caught Up in the What-If Factor

While you are discussing what will happen if you get divorced, do not focus on that “what if” factor. Instead, focus on the five pillars:

  1. Income before marriage
  2. Assets before marriage
  3. Division of property during marriage
  4. Retirement plans
  5. Spousal Support (if a divorce occurs)

Remind Your Fiance a Prenuptial Agreement Protects Both of You

Most people see prenuptial agreements as a threat, but if you both look at them as a way to protect your own assets and interests, it may be easier.

After all, a prenuptial agreement protects what assets and money you both have earned before you got married, regardless of who earns more or less after the fact.

Planning for the Future

A prenuptial agreement actually forces couples to plan for the future, not divorce. It forces you both to look at retirement, investments, assets and really plan how you want to live in the future, which is a good thing.

Hire an Attorney for Your Prenuptial Agreement

Sometimes having an attorney by your side can help you explain your reasons and put a positive spin on something that carries a negative stigma.

The attorneys at Estevez-Pazos Law Firm can not only help you draft a prenuptial agreement, but can help you with the negotiations and even show you the positive side to pre-marriage planning.

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