How Long Does a Divorce Take in Florida?

The process of “dissolution of marriage” or divorce can be Coral Gables Divorce Attorneydrawn-out, lengthy, and complex, depending on the couples’ situation and the factors and circumstances involved. From child custody and time sharing responsibilities to distribution of assets to alimony and a number of other situations, each couples’ story is different, which can either add to or shorten the divorce timeline.

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The Beginning of the End…

First of all, before you start the divorce process, you first must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible for divorce. For example, these criteria include:

  • You are legally married in the state of Florida, and you have a valid copy of your marriage certificate.
  • One of the partners in the marriage must have been a resident in the state of Florida for at least six months.
  • One or both partners must reach the decision that the marriage cannot be fixed and divorce is the only solution.

Visit the Florida Bar for more information on the laws surrounding divorce in the state of Florida.

What is Involved in the Divorce Process?

As we mentioned briefly above, the divorce process can be lengthy and complex, depending on the factors involved. Again, each couples’ story is different. But some of the most common factors that are reviewed and are involved in the divorce process, which can either add or shorten the divorce timeline, include the following:

  • Child custody, timesharing responsibilities, and a parenting plan and agreement – Couples must take the time to outline how the child(ren) born of the marriage will be cared for as well as a documented plan for this before a divorce will be granted.The longer it takes a couple to formulate a plan and timesharing agreement, the longer the process will take…
  • Equitable Division of Assets – If a couple has properties, investment accounts, bank accounts, and other material items together, then these will need to be divided between the two parties. The more assets and properties involved in a marriage, the more time it will likely take to sort through and reach an agreement on each item.
  • Alimony – If one partner wishes to seek alimony from the other, then this is another area that can add to the divorce timeline—especially if one party contests the request for alimony or if he or she contests the divorce altogether.In the state of Florida, parties must adhere to specific guidelines in order to request alimony from a partner. Read more here for more information on Florida laws surrounding alimony as well as definitions for each type of alimony.
  • Real Estate – Depending on the couples’ situation, real estate property may fall under “division of assets”. However, for couples who purchased real estate prior to the marriage as a pre-marital asset could end up giving up their property to the other partner.Learn more about how real estate and the equitable division of assets works in Florida by contacting a Coral Gables divorce attorney.

Will Mediation Save Me Time?

Mediation is a great option for couples who are able to reach an agreement on the items listed above or any other situation that they may need to consider during their divorce. Mediation involves a “mediator” who sits with both partners, discusses the agreement(s) involved in their divorce—such as child sharing, distribution of assets, and so on—and then grants the divorce.

Mediation is a great avenue for couples who:

  • Involved in an uncontested divorce
  • Successfully reached agreements on the elements of their divorce
  • Do not have any assets, property, or children together

Because mediation is often settled out of court, the divorce process is often quicker, smoother, and cheaper.

How Long Will My Divorce Take?

As we mentioned above, the timeline for a divorce—from start to finish—can greatly depend on how the couples work together, the factors and circumstances involved, and if a couple is even eligible for divorce.

For example, couples who do not share any property, assets or children together, and who wish to file an uncontested divorce, their process will likely go more smoothly and will take less time than a more convoluted divorce.

Again, depending on the situation, a divorce can take a couple of months or it could take over a year…

Get a Coral Gables Divorce Attorney On Your Side

If you are considering divorce in the state of Florida, be prepared with a Coral Gables divorce attorney to ensure your divorce goes as smooth and as quickly as possible—regardless of what is or isn’t involved.

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