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5 Early Signs of Divorce Most People Don’t Recognize

Coral Gables Divorce Signs and SymptomsIn most cases, marriages don’t go from saying “I do” to filing divorce papers overnight. Marriages that ultimately end in divorce have quite a few red flags along the way. Unfortunately, many couples don’t even notice these signs of a problem until they are signing on the line to have their marriage ended.

If you want to do everything you can to avoid divorce and to keep your family together, you have to know the divorce signs and symptoms of a problem.

Signs Your Marriage Is Headed For Divorce

Here you will find five signs that your marriage may be on the rocks and that you are headed for a divorce in Coral Gables.

You Don’t Care about Each Other’s Feelings

In most cases, when you are in a loving relationship, you are going to care about how your partner feels.

If you stop caring, or you notice your partner has, then this is a definite red flag. It will typically show up in subtle ways at first, such as not going out of your way to do things for one another. For example, helping clean up after dinner, or showing up hours late without a call. In many situations, you can resolve these feelings and find the underlying cause in therapy.

You Begin Drifting Apart

Another sign that your marriage may be headed for divorce is if you no longer support one another.

For example, do you try to tell your spouse about your day and have them dismiss this by saying “whatever” or just walking away? If so, at some point you are just going to stop talking altogether. This leads to no longer spending time with one another and, eventually, facing a divorce.

You (or Your Spouse) Complains Constantly

A hard-to-miss sign that you or your spouse is unhappy in your relationship is if you (or your spouse) complains constantly.

This can be something as simple as not picking up a towel or putting the toothpaste away. Happy couples look past these little annoyances (in most cases). If you find that everything has started to bother you, or seems to bother your partner, then it is another sign that without intervention, divorce may be on the horizon.

You Insult One Another

Is your spouse belittling you? Putting down your ambitions, appearance, goals and other factors?

Many people ignore this because they feel like they are to blame; however, it is a sign that you may not be right for one another.

You Go Out Alone All the Time

Have you noticed that you don’t want to do what your husband’s doing? Or, that he isn’t interested in what you do?

When you are married, you should want to spend time with one another – even if it means doing something you don’t particularly enjoy. If you notice that you are no longer speaking or spending time together, you may be on the way for a divorce.

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Divorce isn’t something most people want to think about. However, if you don’t pay attention to your marriage and signs that something may be wrong, you may find yourself signing the papers sooner than you think. If you are currently facing a divorce, and need an experienced Coral Gables divorce attorney, feel free to reach out to the Estevez – Pazos Law Firm.

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