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Will Remarrying Affect Your Custody and Visitation?

The divorce was finalized months or years ago and the conflicts are long gone. As you move on with life, you may eventually reach a point when you are ready to remarry. In fact, some studies show that an average of four out of ten new marriages involve a partner that was previously married.

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As a parent with a custody plan, remarrying may impact timesharing. Time sharing, formerly known as custody, is the amount of time and your overall guardian status with your child or children.

When you marry after a divorce, there will most likely be a significant change in your child’s lifestyle and possibly even their home life. They will also have a new adult to get to know.

While there are certainly a lot of changes, your remarrying should not affect the legal aspect of your custody. But, there are things you should do to ensure that it doesn’t become a legal matter.

The Negative Stepparent Relationship

If your new spouse is unable to get along with your child—whether because they are irresponsible or abusive—then the courts may get involved.

Your child may refuse to come see you or they may tell the other parent that they are afraid to live in the home with you. In this case, the courts may consider revising visitation or even custody issues altogether.

The Positive Relationship

More often than not, the stepparent relationship is a positive one. Your new spouse may be kind, supportive, and even great with your children.

In some cases, you may request more time with your child from the courts—especially if you can prove that your remarriage has improved the child’s quality of life in your home.

Remarrying May Change Child Support

The new marriage will not automatically change child support obligations. But, the amount of child support or alimony may change if the receiving parent remarries or the paying parent suffers from a drastic financial change because of the remarriage.

Seeking a Time Sharing Arrangement Change? Contact a Miami Family Law Attorney First

If your remarriage is impacting your time-sharing arrangement (whether positively or negatively), you should speak to a divorce attorney in Miami. Changing custody arrangements can be complex and will likely require the assistance of an attorney.

The team at Estevez-Pazos Law Firm can assist you with your time-sharing adjustments. Call us today at 305-717-7130 to schedule your consultation appointment.

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