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Why Establishing Paternity is Crucial for Everyone

Establishing PaternityIn family law, paternity is a central issue. When two people are going through a divorce questions concerning paternity are common.

Also, paternity is an important issue between any man and woman, whether or not they were married or involved in a long-term relationship.

If paternity is in doubt or one parent is uncooperative in establishing paternity, then you need the help of an experienced and skilled family lawyer.

Paternity concerns the father, the mother, and the child, and the rights of each party, as well as parental responsibilities and obligations.

Questions about Paternity Can Affect Everyone

It is essential that paternity be properly established for many reasons. First, it’s important that the father pay for the support of any and all of his children.

With paternity known, legal mechanisms can be put in place to make sure that the child receives the financial support that he/she deserves.

Identifying the father offers the mother the financial support that she needs to help her maintain a household and care for the child.

Also, she has the opportunity to engage in co-parenting even if she and the father are not together. In Florida, the care and guidance of a child are the responsibility of both parents.

Also, paternity is used to establish a father’s rights in terms of visitation or custody. Additionally, the biological father of a child has certain rights when it comes to making decisions related to the care of his child.

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Establishing Paternity in Florida

There are two primary methods used to establish paternity in the State of Florida. The simplest way is to have both parents, if they are in agreement, complete and sign a paternity acknowledgement form.

Such forms are available at birthing centers and hospitals, from the county through the public health unit, through the Child Support Enforcement Office.

However, if paternity is in question, then a man claiming to be the father, the mother, or the child may file a paternity action in a state court. If this occurs, paternity is usually confirmed through genetic testing.

The testing takes from three to six weeks and court decisions regarding the testing can take a total of three months.

Your Family Lawyer Works for Everyone’s Best Interests

If you need to establish paternity, it is important to do so in a timely manner. An experienced and knowledgeable Miami family lawyer can help you.

If paternity is in question, then it needs to be resolved for everyone’s benefit. In situations involving family and parenting, the State of Florida is always first concerned with what is in the best interest of the child. The legal team at the Estevez-Pazos Law Firm is, too.

For questions and concerns regarding paternity, please contact us at 305-717-7130. We are ready to fight for you and your child.

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