Why Child Custody Mediation May Be the Best Way To Fight For Your Kids

What happens when you’re in the middle of an ugly child custody battle, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight?

You could keep banging your head against the wall and take your chances in a court of law, or you could pivot and try a new strategy: child custody mediation.Child Custody

Mediation is a process in which an impartial third party meets with you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse, and tries to arrive at a compromise regarding child custody and child visitation.

Let’s see how mediation can help you reach a resolution that is fair to both sides.

The Advantages of Child Custody Mediation 

Mediation is designed to remove hostility from the child custody process, and to arrive at a solution that leaves both sides feeling like they got a fair deal.

Some of the benefits of child custody mediation, include:

  • Offers An Objective Viewpoint – because a mediator is neutral, you get the benefit of an objective viewpoint that can help clear the deck and get negotiations restarted. Instead of worrying about past hostilities, the mediator will steer both sides forward.
  • Helps Define the Issues ­ – in a lot of contentious child custody situations, both parents lose sight of the main issues that are creating conflict. One of a mediator’s main jobs is to determine every issue of contention and then work through possible solutions for each one.
  • Teaches the Value of Compromise – by its very nature, mediation is all about give-and-take, so the goal isn’t for either side to feel like they got a ‘win,’ but rather to ensure that both sides understand that only by giving up something to get something else can they achieve a resolution. And this isn’t just important when it comes to child custody, but is also essential when dealing with other contentious issues such as spousal support, and division of assets.
  • Keeps the Focus On the Children ­– sometimes in the heat of conflict during child custody battles, both parents forget that they should be making decisions that are in the best interests of their kids. Mediation restores the focus back to the children, and reminds both sides that the future of their kids is what’s most important.

Help For Child Custody Issues 

After years of handling divorces, we know that child custody problems are often emotional and difficult to resolve. Although many parents mean well, they sometimes allow their feelings about a divorce to affect how they view child custody, and in some instances, those feelings can be detrimental to the best interests of their kids. That’s why we urge you to hire an experienced family lawyer that understand how to help you achieve your goals in a clear-eyed, logical way. Call us today at 305-717-7130 for a free consultation.

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