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Should I Represent Myself in a Florida Divorce?

Once you have come to terms with your decision to end your marriage, the next step is to focus on the divorce process as well as the necessary legal steps to get there.

Florida DivorceIt’s true that many couples will choose to represent themselves during a divorce, especially in an uncontested divorce and divorces that involve no children and little to no assets.

However, the more assets and dependents shared within a marriage, the more is at stake. Of course, even in higher-asset marriages, couples can choose to represent themselves, however, in order to ensure you are protecting your rights as a property holder, a parent, and maybe even a business owner, you should consider working with a Florida Divorce attorney.

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The Dangers of Representing Yourself in Mediation

Mediation is based on the concept that you and the other party can work together to resolve most critical Florida Divorce issues under the guidance of an experienced mediator. In some cases, you may be able to address all key issues like child support, child custody, and property division in mediation.

Mediation means working a “mediator”, or a neutral third party who works with both individuals to help guide conversations and reach mutual agreements on the various areas of divorce. A mediator can also help to guide conversations between both parties.

One of the primary reasons to have your own Miami divorce lawyer present is to ensure that you understand the short and long term consequences of accepting some form of agreement.

Even if mediation is successful, the chances of a positive outcome can be increased by retaining an experienced Miami divorce lawyer to help you through mediation.

You will be able to get prompt responses to your questions and evaluate the full range of implications for various agreements.

Why You Need a Miami Divorce Lawyer During Litigation

Not all issues or divorces are appropriate for mediation. In some situations, your divorce may have started off with the intention that you and your former spouse could resolve issues on your own but the situation has since become tense. If you are not able to use mediation, then litigation may be unavoidable.

Divorce can be overwhelming, and it’s a common experience for people going through one to realize that it’s more complicated than they expected. This is where insight from a Miami divorce lawyer can become valuable.

During litigation, many individuals find themselves overwhelmed or confused by the rules of the court. It can be difficult to identify what’s next and to understand the ramifications of each hearing or stage of the process. Having an attorney develop a comprehensive strategy for you can ease your concerns.

Why a Miami Divorce Lawyer Should Represent You

There is a lot on the line when you choose to get a divorce. There are many questions to be answered, and having someone who understands the process can go a long way towards making your life easier for you.

Reach out to a Miami divorce lawyer to ensure you have someone in your corner working towards the best possible legal outcome for you.

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