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My Ex Won’t Pay Child Support, What Do I Do?

Pay Child SupportIt can be frustrating when your ex refuses or cannot pay child support. While it is easier for you to thrive and take care of your children while receiving your regular payments, it may be best to never plan on the money.

According to the recent numbers, more non-custodial parents are falling behind on their court obligated child support payments.

In fact, according to the Office of Child Support Enforcement, there is an estimated $108 billion owed in back payments as of 2009 and that number is only expected to grow.

While there are things you can do, you must remember that even the courts cannot always get money from a person. If your ex is unemployed or has very few assets, then it may be even more difficult.

That being said, you still have options for collecting your court-ordered support.

Talk with the Other Parent

Realize that everyone does fall on hard times. While your ex may not be paying, he or she may have a legitimate reason for falling behind on payments. Find out what is going on.

Also, remember that while they are not paying, you cannot keep your child from seeing them or use visitation rights as a punishment.

You are still required by law to follow your parenting plan that was submitted to the courts regardless of whether or not your ex pays child support.

Keep Child Support Payments from Your Budget

While your ex is ordered to pay child support, you may not receive it; therefore, don’t count those funds in your monthly budget. It is best to try and survive without that money and keep it separate.

If he or she does pay, you can save it for necessities, but do not use it as something you rely on to survive.

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Find Out What Your Ex Can Afford

While your ex may not be able to pay the full amount, see what they can at least pay for the time being. Something is better than nothing, even if it is just a few dollars.

Know When to Get the Courts Involved

If your ex has the means to pay and isn't making any effort to do so, then you will need to contact your Miami family attorney. Your attorney can enlist the help of the courts to force your ex to pay such as garnishing wages, tax returns, etc.

Not Receiving Child Support? Contact a Miami Family Attorney

It is difficult when a spouse refuses or cannot pay child support. If you need assistance enforcing your court-ordered support or just need advice, contact the team at Estevez-Pazos Law Firm.We can assist you with your case and offer no obligation consultations.

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