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How to Talk about Your Divorce to Your Children

Miami Divorce AttorneyIn the event that you have already met with a Miami divorce attorney, one of the biggest challenges ahead of you as a parent may be how you break the news to your children.

It can be extremely difficult to discuss a divorce with your children, and depending on their ages, they may not fully understand what this means or how this will impact them.

For example, parents sometimes choose to tell the oldest child first and keep the youngest child out of the fray for some period of time.

Older children, however, may struggle with the burden of keeping this “secret”. The youngest child may feel hurt that the parents didn’t trust him or her with the news.

If you have already made the decision that it is in the best interest for you and the entire family to move forward with a divorce, then read on to learn several ways you can make this conversation with your family a little bit easier.

Talk to Your Children Together

The best way to share the news of your divorce with your children is to sit down and talk about it together. Be prepared to answer their questions, and be sure to explain what this means for their lives.

Speaking to the children together may also put you in a difficult position if they ask why you cannot work things out.

Consult with your spouse ahead of time, and try to prepare a comprehensive answer for these kinds of difficult questions.

Presenting a united front and being on the same page about the decision to divorce can make it a little bit easier for children to digest.

Reinforce Your Commitment and Love for Them

It is very important that children understand that you still love and care about them, and will continue to put their feelings first during the course of the divorce.

This can be extremely difficult as you have your own emotional implications tied up in the dissolution of your marriage.

Remember, it is important to help your children understand that you are deeply concerned about their needs and will do whatever is necessary to support them.

Practice Open Communication with Your Family

Slowly break the news of the upcoming changes into smaller bites so it’s easier for children to handle. They will be likely be curious about how this will influence their living situations, and when and how they will see each parent.

Establishing a plan ahead of time can help to provide clear responses to your children when they ask these questions. It can also make things easier in the event that the you and the other spouse need to adapt to a new time sharing schedule.

It may not always be easy to work out these complicated issues in advance with your former spouse, but it can be significantly helpful when you need to meet with the children.

Read more about parenting plans and time sharing plans with a Miami divorce attorney here.

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Be Flexible and Adaptable

Children are very sensitive to changes in their environment and thinking ahead of time about what is best for them is important.

You should also be aware that you may need to be flexible to an extent, especially as it relates to time sharing arrangements and schedules.

For example, you may have short term time sharing arrangements that might be difficult to schedule, but as the divorce progresses, you may need to adapt to different arrangements as time goes on.

Visit this site here to learn more about communicating the news of your divorce to your children.

Get Legal Advice from a Miami Divorce Attorney

Of course, we aren’t psychologists and cannot predict or provide psychological advice for speaking with your children, however, these are merely simple tips on how to break the news and start a conversation with your children about your divorce.

In any case, consulting with a knowledgeable Miami divorce attorney can be very helpful for answering your questions and also helping you and your family to adjust to a new lifestyle during this time.

There are many legal issues that must be addressed in the dissolution of a marriage and having an experienced Miami divorce lawyer to guide you through this process can be very helpful.

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