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Getting Child Support from a Low-Income Parent

Fathers with a low income should be included in the family equation as someone that the child relies on for financial support. In many cases, however, it becomes difficult for mothers to collect support from low-income fathers because the fathers may have a hard time making ends meet for themselves and subsequently unable to contribute to the well being of the child.

Child Support

In the end, however, the child often suffers and unnecessarily…

But there are ways to work with a parent with a low income in order to collect support and ensure that your child is cared for and provided for in the way he or she deserves.

The Challenges. It is no secret that both parents face challenges and difficulties when supporting their child(ren) after a separation or divorce. For example, both parents want to provide for their child(ren), but may find it financially difficult. As a result, many parents feel disconnected with their children due to a financial gap and emotional support, and even feelings of guilt along with it…

Meaningful Work. The child support policies and laws enforced by the state of Florida are often ominous and oppressing for parents who are struggling with finances to begin with. For example, some parents discourage the idea of looking for meaningful work in fear of the court systems and the wage garnishment process.

Delinquent Fathers. We aren’t trying to single out fathers here, guys, but the sad and ugly truth is that many delinquent parents are fathers. For delinquent fathers, the penalties could be paying a sizable amount in penalties, fines, and even imprisonment.

The court holds the father responsible for paying child support and any child support for as long as the court order is in place. That means as soon as he is released from prison, the order will continue to be enforced.

However, this whole situation worsens things more than necessary. In this particular situation, no one wins. After all, what good is imprisonment for the child who needs financial support? It is better to try to work with the father to collect child support rather than use aggressive measures that won’t benefit the child.

How an Experienced Florida Child Support Attorney Can Help

Understanding Family Dynamics. This is why you need an experienced child support attorney who understands the dynamics of the family structure and how the effectiveness of both parents’ contributions are to the family.

Reaching a FAIR and Comfortable Agreement. A good child support attorney will also do what is necessary and work with both parents and parties with regard to the child’s best interests. This often involves determining child support agreements that work for both parents comfortably—and provide reasonable support for the child. This way, everyone is happy.

Working with the Florida Court System. A Florida child support attorney also knows the ins and outs of the Florida family law court system and will be able to consult with and advise clients as to the best possible approach and course of action in collecting child support from low-income parents.

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