Family Law Topic: What You Should Know When You Marry a Sex Offender

Love isn’t always something you can control. The same is true for the criminal justice system. The majority of crimes don’t stop following a person after they have been released from jail. Sex crimes can be especially daunting and haunt a person for the rest of their lives. For the registered sex offender, as well as the person or people who love them, having to register can impact everything in their lives from their employment and residency – and even their marriage and custody of their children can be impacted.

Family Law

Even though a person who is included on the sex offender registry is not legally barred from getting married, there are certain restrictions that the registry outlines, as well as conditions of parole and probation that can impact any romantic relationship. If you are thinking about marrying a registered sex offender, make sure you understand what this means for yourself and any children that may be involved, and speak with a family law attorney, if necessary.

Restrictions of Registration Related to Family Law

According to federal law, sex offenders have to register with the state authorities and also update their registration at certain intervals. The duration of this will depend on the severity of the person’s offense. If the individual fails to register or to renew their registration, it can result in them having to go back to prison. The information about the sex offender is also typically made public in the community.

In addition to the normal parole or probation requirements and behavioral restrictions, there may also be limitations on where a registered sex offender can live. In most case, this will relate to anywhere close to groups of children, such as recreation centers or schools. These residency restrictions may impact the decision to get married, and possibly even the relationship if their partner has children.

Wedding Registry, Sex Offenders and Family Law

Even though a registered sex offender may not ever re-offend, the consequences of the registry and the conviction can stay with them forever. While they can still obtain a marriage license, their life and the life of their spouse can be impacted significantly. Fully understanding this is important before entering into a marriage with an individual who must register as a sex offender.

If you have questions about any family law topic, it is a good idea to speak with a family law attorney right away. Additional help and information is available by calling the Estevez-Pazos Law Firm at 305-717-7130. Being informed is the best way to help ensure you understand your situation and make the right decisions for yourself and your family.

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