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Can You Modify Your Child Support Order?

There may come a time you need to modify your child support order, whether it was because your income has dropped or something unexpected has occurred.

But, being able to increase or decrease child support is not easy. It comes down to the situation and it is best to consult an attorney to see if your case qualifies for a modification.

Child Support

Substantial Changes are Required

You can usually modify your child support order if there has been a substantial change in you or your child’s financial circumstances.

A “substantial change” can be defined in a variety of ways, including a child needing special classes, surgery or extra healthcare costs. All of these are legitimate reasons to request a child support modification to offset these unexpected, but necessary costs.

Also, if your circumstances have changed dramatically, such as a dramatic decrease in income, then you may be able to request a higher child support amount from the other spouse.

Decrease can also occur for the non-custodial parent that is paying child support. For example, switching jobs or getting laid off or even having your pay cut in half are all grounds for requesting a lower child support amount.

The income of your spouse can also determine support. For example, when you made up your child support agreement your ex was only making $40,000; therefore, you opted for a higher support amount. But, now your ex is making $150,000 annually and doesn’t have the same financial hardship.

Modifications Are Not Always Permanent

If you try to modify your child support amount, realize that it may not always be permanent. Sometimes these modifications can be temporary to help parents get into a financial arrangement.

Once things settle down, the courts may require the payments go back to their original amount.

Modifying Child Support Needs a Miami Child Support Attorney

Even if you are in agreement with your ex, it is important to have an attorney look over your child support documents and see if you qualify for modification.

Even what may seem like an extreme situation may not qualify as substantial enough to the courts to change your child support.

The Miami child support attorneys at Estevez-Pazos Law Firm understand how frustrating child support matters can be. We offer consultations and can discuss your modification request right away. Call us at 305-717-7130 now to schedule your appointment.

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