What is a Paternity Test and How Does It Work?

By maritza, In Paternity Action, On 27, July, 2015

Technology has come a long way the past few years—and so has the accuracy of paternity tests. These days, a…

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Time-Sharing Schedule

By maritza, In Family Law, On 22, July, 2015

Going through a divorce can be highly stressful and emotional. Parents with minor children will not only have to go…

Will Remarrying Affect Your Custody and Visitation?

By maritza, In Family Law, On 17, July, 2015

The divorce was finalized months or years ago and the conflicts are long gone. As you move on with life,…

New Alimony Bill Drastically Changes Future Divorces

By maritza, In Family Law, On 13, July, 2015

You have been married for ten years. In order for your spouse to finish his or her education, you stopped…

What is the Penalty for Not Paying Child Support in Florida?

By maritza, In Family Law, On 10, July, 2015

When it comes to failing to pay child support, Florida is one of the toughest states on offenders. Florida courts…

Can I Get Sole Custody in Florida?

By maritza, In Family Law, On 08, July, 2015

Child custody is based on the health, education, and emotional well being of the child. Also referred to as a…

My Ex Had an Affair – Will That Help My Divorce?

By maritza, In Divorce Law, On 02, July, 2015

If your spouse cheated on you and you are filing for divorce, you may be wondering if his or her…

Child Support: How Much is Too Much?

By maritza, In Family Law, On 15, May, 2015

Child support is one of those necessary expenses that occur during a family split, and while some people will think…

What is Equitable Distribution in the Divorce Process?

By maritza, In Divorce Law, On 07, May, 2015

When filing for a divorce in the state of Florida, assets such as property are divided through equitable distribution. The…

How to Get Sole Custody of Your Child

By maritza, In Family Law, On 29, April, 2015

Getting sole custody after a divorce is not as easy as you may think. In fact, it is rare to…

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