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5 Signs You Need a Family Law Expert

family lawA bitter or complicated divorce is likely the most stressful, emotional thing you’ll ever experience. A family law expert can simplify the process, making it possible to focus on what really matters – your children, your health, and your well-being.

If you are going through a bitter divorce and want a quick, painless resolution, our experienced Florida family law attorney team at Estevez-Pazos Law Firm is here to represent your needs. Our office is fully dedicated to your case, giving you the priority and attention you deserve during this difficult time.

There are many reasons to get in touch with a family law attorney. Some popular reasons include:

#1: Your Divorce is Complicate

No one anticipates the end of their marriage. When that moment comes, it can be emotional, debilitating, and frightening for everyone involved – including children. If your divorce involves asset division, children, alimony, or adultery, a family law attorney can provide the simplicity you desperately need.

#2: You Need Spousal Support

Requesting and awarding spousal support (or alimony) is a complicated process that involves paperwork, the collection of income information, and court dates. The bitterness surrounding alimony can be alleviated with an experienced lawyer to represent your interests.

#3: You Want to Evenly Divide Your Assets

During a divorce proceeding, assets like vehicles, houses, and pieces of land are divided between the two parties. Your attorney will fight for a fair division, following the laws of equitable distribution used in Florida.

This distribution will consider factors like:

  • Each spouse’s financial contribution to shared assets
  • Each spouse’s professional and personal contribution to the marriage
  • Each spouse’s level of financial stability
  • The duration of the marriage

Unfortunately, “equitable” doesn’t always mean equal. Your attorney will work hard to specify the difference.

#4: You Want to Create a Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement

If you aren’t going through a divorce – but would like to protect yourself before or after entering a marriage – a family law attorney can help create a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that meets the needs and expectations of both parties. Choosing to sign a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is a bittersweet experience that will protect yourself and your spouse in the future.

#5: You Need to Develop a Parenting Plan and Timesharing Schedule

Perhaps the most difficult part of divorce is determining which spouse will be the custodial parent and which spouse will be the non-custodial parent. Creating a fair parenting plan and timesharing schedule is sometimes impossible without the assistance of an experienced mediator. A family law attorney can make this process more manageable.

Contact an Experienced Florida Family Law Attorney for Assistance

If you’re going through a difficult divorce, working to create a fair parenting plan, or trying to divide your assets, contact our experienced Florida family law attorney team at Estevez-Pazos Law Firm by calling (305)-717-7130. We focus solely on protecting your family and your children throughout the divorce process – keeping your best interests at the forefront of the conversation.

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