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5 Factors that Could Improve Your Chances of Collecting Alimony After a Miami Divorce

Being faced with the dissolution of a marriage can be a very traumatic experience. Divorce is a very complicated process that can leave you both emotionally and physically drained. During this process, a number of stressful situations will arise. Rather than facing these situations on your own, you will need to seek out the help of a Miami divorce attorney.

Miami Divorce LawWith their help, you will be able to iron out all of the details of your divorce with ease. One of the most important things you need to figure out when going through a divorce is whether or not you are going to get alimony payments. If your spouse was the primary breadwinner during your marriage, you will probably need alimony payments to keep you afloat financially. The following are some of the factors that can improve your chances of getting alimony.

1. Standard of Living Will Be Considered During Your Miami Divorce

When the judge in your case is trying to determine the alimony payment you deserve, they will look at the standard of living you and your former spouse enjoyed. The goal of the courts is to allow each party to maintain the same lifestyle even after a Miami divorce. The court will thoroughly research the assets and financial holdings a couple has. The couple’s vacationing habits are also reviewed in an attempt to fairly award alimony compensation. The more extravagant your lifestyle was with your former spouse, the higher your chance of being awarded alimony will be.

2. The Time You Were Married Before Your Miami Divorce

Generally, the longer a couple has been married, the higher the chance will be of alimony payments being awarded. If you are seeking out permanent alimony, you will need to have been married for 17 years or more. Consulting with your Miami divorce lawyer is a great way to figure out what type of alimony payments you may be eligible for.

3. Your Mental and Physical State Will Be Assessed During Your Miami Divorce

Another important consideration the courts will make when deciding on whether or not you get alimony payments is your mental and physical condition. If you are disable or have an illness, then the chances of you getting alimony are much higher. In other cases, a person’s young age and good health may prohibit them from getting alimony payments. If you are unclear about your chances of getting alimony, you will need to discuss this subject in depth with your attorney.

4. Financial Resources Play a Big Role in Your Miami Divorce

The next thing a judge will look at during this process is the financial resources you and your spouse. If it is clear that you are unable to currently support yourself, you may be able to get the alimony payments you are in need of. For spouses who have been stay at home parents, getting alimony after a Miami divorce is essential. Providing proof of your income or lack thereof is important when trying to get awarded alimony is vital.

5. A Judge Will Assess Your Professional Earning Capacity During a Miami Divorce

The judge in your case will also look at your professional earning capacity. If you have no degrees or discernable skills that can be used to make money, then you will more than likely be awarded alimony payments. With the assistance of your lawyer, finding out whether or not you can get alimony payments will be easy.

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